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What to expect;

Firstly and always; a warm welcome. We will then gently introduce you to the exercises so you feel safe, supported and in control. We will work with you and your goals to help you to achieve the best possible outcome.

The class starts with you standing by your mat and preparing your body for the exercises to come. You will start in standing and mobilise all the joints gently. You will then execute basic standing balance exercises. These will be the easiest version initially with the aim to progress each week. After approximately 20 minutes we will then take you onto the floor. You only need to get onto the floor and off the floor once.

The rest of the class is mat based and on the floor. We will work on strengthening, balancing, toning and stretching your body; providing a holistic and full class. Lastly we will provide a relaxation component; this helps to strengthen your immune system whilst calming your body, relieving any tensions to help you both mentally and physically.

"All exercises can be performed at your time and in your pace with our guidance" Ros Harley

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