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1. What is PACEPilates?

PACEPilates stands for Physiotherapy led Pilates and Core exercises and it is a Physiotherapy led Pilates class.

2. How old do I need to be?

18 years or older

3. Who are the instructors and what qualifications do they have?

We are unusual in that we offer two instructors;

Instructor 1:

Ros Harley (Ros) is a fully qualified Chartered Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor. Ros has over 10 years instructing, teaching and mentoring in the fitness industry and also has a second BA (Hons) Degree in Sport and Dance. Ros specialises in Physiotherapy and Pilates.

Ros is passionate about keeping up to date with industry changes and evidence; she has gained the rigorous Matwork Level Three Qualification from the world leading Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI).

Instructor 2:

Gilly Ellis is a fully qualified Pilates instructor with a BA (Hons) Degree in Applied Sports Science and Coaching with Education Studies. Gilly is also a full time Gymnastics instructor.

Gilly is equally as passionate about maintaining her knowledge and with Ros they will be taking their Level 4 Pilates Qualification next year.

4. How long is the class?

The class is 1 hour

5. Timetable: Click here >

6. What makes the class different to other Pilates classes?

All participants are treated as individuals. Although the classes cater for all levels of mixed ability; we work to adapt each class and the choreography to support the varied injuries and illnesses in class. We also offer postural assessments and write home exercise plans should you wish one. We teach voluntarily to injured military veterans, families and beneficiaries weekly on Zoom to support their mental and physical wellbeing for the charity Help for Heroes.

7. Do I need to book?

100% Yes, you need to book and confirm that you will be attending.

8. How much is it?

The classes are £6.00 per person per session (this is subject to change)

9. How do I pay and can I book in advance?

Community Classes must be booked in advance.

Currently the booking system is on Paypal; You can also pay via cash at our community classes.

10. What happens if I can’t make a class?

We will reschedule or refund you.

11. What should I wear and what equipment should I bring?

Comfortable clothing; leggings and t shirt, bare feet or socks. Trainers are not required.

A cushion or pillow, a dog lead or a dressing gown belt, a mat or large towel, a theraband and small hand held weights (optional) and a bottle of cold water. 

12. What if I am a beginner – will I be able to do it?

Yes, you will be offered modifications, adaptations and progressions and you will all be supported individually in the class.

13. What can I expect at my first class?

A warm welcome, a gentle introduction, standing exercises and then mat based exercises.

14. Do I need to complete a health form?
Yes, when you receive the booking email there will be a link to the booking health form which will need to be completed and cleared before entry to any class.

15. How near to the class start time can I book?
Community Classes need to be booked and paid for in advance. On-line classes can be booked up until the start time of the class subject to a cleared health form.

16. Can I bulk book classes?
Yes, we advise you to book a month in advance to secure your place as they are limited.

17. I am a Help for Heroes veteran / beneficiary, which class can I attend?
Please visit our Help for Heroes page here > for all the information for Help for Heroes veterans and beneficiaries. Please note a full and robust process is applied to all Help for Heroes veterans to ensure your safety. 

18.Can you recommend a cardiovascular workout to compliment Pilates?

Yes, we have a sister company called CheeziFit offering dance exercise to cheesy music. Click here> for more information.

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