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Pace.Pilates Plymouth Our Testimonials 1

Name: Dan Richmond

Job title: Ex Military

           My body has been feeling the effects of having a long and varied career in the military and aching joints, back and shoulder pains are now the norm for me.

I have tried many avenues of treatment none of which have really had an effect apart from reducing my bank balance.

I came across PACE Pilates which was recommended to me in conversation with a close friend. The two expert Physiotherapists and Pilates instructors Ros and Gilly provide a friendly, in-depth service with a genuine human touch, focused on catering to a client’s unique requirements. PACE Pilates has been hugely beneficial in improving my flexibility, reducing muscle tightness, pain and improving my suppleness. The group sessions provide effective exercises to help with overall maintenance and have significantly improved my muscle strength, minimising any reoccurrences in my shoulder and back muscle pain. I would highly recommend them.


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