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Free Entertainment

In March 2020 when the world changed and a lockdown was imposed, our Pilates classes moved online and we were adamant that the community should stay connected. Facebook became our initial platform for launching quizzes, competitions and much more, followed by bingo and a gameshow on Zoom. All in a bid to prevent our community from feeling isolated and all cleverly planned, we trialled and tested the entertainment, completely free for all families, of all ages to enjoy.

 Pace Pilates Plymouth Zoom

Free Gameshow




Suitable for all ages!

We host a Free Gameshow on Zoom on Friday's at 8pm for everyone to enjoy. This is hosted by our team and has proved to be very popular.

Featuring our take on classics such as The Generation Game, Catchphrase, Blankety Blank, Countdown and The Price is Right amongst others. Each week our happy family join us to witness Gilly hosting her now famous scavenger hunt & music quiz, Ros relay Blankety Blank scenarios, ably assisted by Amelie & Araya, and Lynn share her picture quiz and Countdown Conundrums.


Why not drop us a message via our website or Facebook or email; we will be delighted to send you the Zoom link and welcome you at 8pm on Friday’s, EVERYONE WELCOME!!

Bingo Lynn  Pace Pilates Plymouth

Free Quizzes

When-Monday & Wednesday



Suitable for all ages

We host free daily quizzes on Monday and Wednesdays on Facebook at 6pm hosted by Instructor Lynn, they last approx 20 minutes so please do tune in and say “hello”, we’d love to welcome you.

Quiz  Pace Pilates Plymouth
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