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In 2015, Ros started volunteering at the military charity Help for Heroes; Plymouth as a fitness instructor. She was soon joined by colleague and friend Gilly and together they have been voluntarily teaching Pilates and CheeziFit dance classes ever since. 


When the pandemic hit the ladies took their classes on-line to support the mental and physical health of the military veterans, beneficiaries and their families. 


The classes were so well received they were asked to extend them nationally welcoming veterans and beneficiaries from around the country. 


Words from Ros and Gilly....


"It's become more than Pilates, it's an hour of connection, touching base and checking in on like-minded people who have a common understanding." Ros explained


"We feel incredibly privileged to continue to support the mental and physical wellbeing of all we teach" added Gilly 


Any registered veterans and/or beneficiaries of Help for Heroes are very welcome to contact us to explore the classes and to see if you would like to join.  


For more information contact Ros and Gilly on:

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